Meaning of website architecture

Website architecture is the planning and design of the technical, functional and visual components of a website – before it is designed, developed and deployed. It is used by website designers/Business Development Executive   and developers as a means to design and develop a website. Website architecture is used in creating a logical layout of a […]

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New Facebook algorithm update to quell “Engagement bait” posts

Facebook news feeds will get pretty untidy, particularly with click bait posts fishing for as several likes, shares, and comments as doable. however it seems that enough users have complained to Facebook regarding these posts that the social media platform can begin cracking down on what it’s business “engagement bait.” in a very Facebook diary […]

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New Business Checklist

SETTING UP A NEW BUSINESS This is perhaps one of the hardest blog articles for me to write. Businesses are so varied, the structures so diverse, with a wide-ranging assortment of entrepreneurs and business leaders who sit on a vast continuum of differences, from culture, to personality, to experience, to education, to sophistication, to financial […]

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