Google’s new 5 features that we have to use

google Feature update
  1. Device Adjustments

    One of the biggest announcements to come from last summer’s Performance Summit is that Google would allow advertisers to bid separately on tablet, mobile, and computer devices. This came as a large relief to several advertisers WHO have long struggled with the dearth of ability to optimize among mobile, tablet, and desktop bids.
    The new feature from Google allows advertisers to set separate bids for tablet, mobile, and desktop devices, but also allows you to pick an anchor bid. Previously, the desktop/tablet bid served as your anchor bid, which means if you needed to form changes, you had to extend or decrease mobile bids. The new feature allows you to choose any of the three devices as your anchor and make adjustments to the other two devices as needed. This is particularly useful for companies that focus more on a mobile-device experience.

  2. Expanded Text Ads

    It had been rumored for some time that in addition to removing all right-side text ads, Google was also testing a new ad format altogether. This rumor was confirmed throughout last summer’s Performance Summit once Google proclaimed it’d be emotional expanded text ads. These ads allow you to create ads with a longer, double headline, an 80 character description, and two additional “paths” added to the Display URL.Expanded text ads have now been rolled out to all advertisers. And while standard text ads have not yet been removed from accounts, Google will not allow the creation of any new standard text ads as it pushes for everyone to move toward the new expanded format.

  3. Demographic Targeting

    In late September,  month, Google free the power to focus on specific demographics through the Demographics for search ads feature. like location or remarketing targeting, this provides advertisers the power to extend or decrease targeting toward ages and genders.This new targeting choice is very helpful for corporations that see most of their business come back from a particular cohort or gender, because it permits them to pay additional on those searchers United Nations agency ar possibly to convert.

  4. Price Extensions

    While Google unrolled value extensions last July month and swipeable value extensions for mobile devices in November month, they solely recently proclaimed that value extensions can currently be obtainable to indicate on all devices.

  5. Campaign-Level Audience Targetini

    December, Google made a significant time-saving update for many advertisers when it released the option to apply Remarketing Lists for Search Ads at the campaign level. Previously, advertisers had to apply RLSA modifiers to each individual ad group, which can be very time consuming depending on the size of your account.


Google’s new 5 features that we have to use
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