IT Business Analyst & Business Development Executive

IT Business Analyst & Business Development Executive

IT Business Analyst

Business Analyst acts as a liaison between Business Users and Technical team. On the other side, It’s difficult for Technical Team to understand the Business terminologies. Thus a mediator is necessary between both. Here IT Business Analyst works.

IT Business Analyst carry out various activities while software development. Few major activities are:

  1. He translates the business requirements to the form that technical project team can understand
  2. The IT Business Analyst converts the technical details/issues, so that business stockholders can easily perceive the intended meaning.
  3. He is responsible for the collection/analysis, authoring, and communication of requirements in order to satisfy the client’s needs.
  4. Support the Implementation of the Software Project.


Business Development Executive

The Business Development Executive coordinates with management and clients to identify business development opportunities with existing and new clients. He writes bids, proposals, brochures and various other business informational letters. Also travel to customer sites and trade-shows to promote company’s products and services.

Use Internet marketing for promoting the company and its products.

Additionally, conduct market competitive analysis to develop road-map and sales strategy to secure new business.

The Business Development Executive is responsible for performing following activities:

  1. A key part of the business development executive’s role is based on research
  2. The business development executive creates new leads for the company either by making cold calls over the telephone or by meeting new people at industry events
  3. Managing potential clients via email or phone
  4. Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives
IT Business Analyst & Business Development Executive
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