New Business Checklist

New Business Check list


This is perhaps one of the hardest blog articles for me to write. Businesses are so varied, the structures so diverse, with a wide-ranging assortment of entrepreneurs and business leaders who sit on a vast continuum of differences, from culture, to personality, to experience, to education, to sophistication, to financial resources and wherewithal, to capabilities, to licensure, to contacts and support network, and so on and so forth.

This Blog article address beginning a brand new business from scratch. If you’re considering shopping for a pre-existing business, we’ve got a distinct diary article for you, entitled Business Acquisition listing. as an alternative, if you’re considering not beginning a business from scratch, and not shopping for a pre-existing business outright, however instead shopping for into a partnership, we have a tendency to many diary articles for you, as well as Tips for with success connexion a Partnership and concerns once shopping for a Partnership Interest.


For any new business, I’m going to propose there are four (4) general phases. Those four phases are:

Planning. This includes writing a business arrange and proforma, deciding the “Business Model,” returning to a “meeting of the minds” with any business partners, and customarily crossing all T’s and dotting all I’s with relevancy the approach to your business.

Execution. Once you’ve known the items to the puzzle and United Nations agency can give what, you wish to place the puzzle along. this may need patience and plenty of exertions, and transferral disparate systems and folks along to execute your vision.

Setup. Once you have a plan and feel comfortable executing on your plan, you first start with setting up the business. This can include incorporating, obtaining the appropriate licensing, insurance, space and more.

Grand Opening. At some point, you will have all the pieces in place and you simply need to open your doors and/or start soliciting clients / customers. This is your Grand Opening.


Do you have the “big picture” outlined, and does one savvy to urge there? square measure you following your head or your heart? Your heart is nice, however your head could be a should. If you haven’t done this explicit form of business before, you wish to suppose guardedly and assume your assumptions won’t postponement.

Significant todo’s include:

Document the overall structure of your business

Obtain a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and make sure people you confide in sign it (We sell a template Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement for a flat-rate of $99).

Will you have any partners? If so:

What will the contributions of the partners be, in cash, resources, effort and more?

What are the requirements / conditions for being a partner?

What do you do, if a partner wants out and/or isn’t contributing as required / promised?

Is the “ownership percentage” balanced with contributions?

Is each partner 110% committed to the business?

Identify all your goals and objectives, and make sure they are SMART!

Identify key financial considerations and sources

Obtain quotes for key expense items, such as:

Find and establish key vendors, as acceptable for your business. for instance, if you wish an online app or complicated web site, realize associate degree acceptable internet or app developer. If you’re beginning a still, you will need to search out vendors World Health Organization will offer the instrumentality you wish.

Seek the advice of your professional team, and other (unrelated, disinterested) parties in the same industry. You want unrelated, disinterested parties so you can get truthful, unbiased information. Find out what the “gotchas” are, as well as attempt to identify potential speed bumps before you hit them.

Is the Brand name of your business important? If so, make sure you conduct a proper Trademark Assessment to ensure the name you’re considering for your business is available.


You know what you’re progressing to do, the way to jazz and what the many problems area unit. you recognize the way to overcome the problems, and it’s merely a matter of swing the items along. The Startup part is maybe the shortest and best of the phases, however it’s necessary to be throughout and not jump into succeeding part (the Execution part) before you end this Setup Phase.

Significant todo’s include:

Form an appropriate corporate structure (99% of most businesses are best served with a LLC), as you will enter contracts and conduct business under the LLC not your personal name. Learn more about LLC’s.

Obtain a FEIN for your company

Obtain a bank account for your company

Select key vendors. Always negotiate with more than one vendor, and select the right vendor based on pricing, strategic fit, and willingness to give you the right “deal”.

Partnership / operating agreements with any partners

Key contractor / employee agreements

Venture / seed-stage / angel investor agreements

Finalize all appropriate legal documents.

WARNING: Do you have enough money to pay for the contracts you’re about to sign??!? If not, DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS until you’ve secured funding or the money you need to start.

Once you have financing secured, an the key relationships setup, and contracts / agreements established, then have a SIGNING PARTY and move to the Execution Phase. The signing party is where you select your key relationships, execute the contracts your attorney has helped you to negotiate, and you’re on your way to executing on your vision.


You’ve place all the items within the place, currently it’s time to execute on your plans and place a business along that meets your vision. once you square measure through with this section, you’ll have created a business that’s capable of generating revenue and fulfilling on your “Brand promise“.

Significant todo’s include:

Obtaining appropriate permits

Execute on the Project Plan you created earlier

Prepare your premises, oversee tenant improvements

Order utilities as appropriate

If your business is based on specific Technology, software, applications or apps, these need to get built, and you want to tie a “Phase 1” effort to your launch / Grand Opening (see below). You really need to focus on as minimal functionality as possible, to generate cashflow. “Must haves” only, not “nice to haves.”

Acquire fixtures, furniture and equipment as appropriate or necessary

Obtain state and local tax numbers for the business

Obtain appropriate insurance (i.e. General Liability, Workers Comp, Errors & Omissions, Professional Liability)

Recruiting & Hiring. For example:

Office or General Manager


Key Technician (or whomever will produce your product or service)

Put together and execute a marketing plan around your Grand Opening (see below). At the very least, begin to negotiate and setup the following accounts:

Social media, especially Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn

Relevant directories for your specific business. For example, if you were going to open up a legal practice or law firm, you would want to make sure you have profiles in at least Avvo, and

Get your website setup and ready to go


Now the exertions extremely begins: Fulfilling the “brand promise” of your fledgling company and meeting the wants of shoppers in a very competitive atmosphere wherever solely the sturdy survive. keep faithful yourself, however ne’er be afraid to require a hard-look at your business and reinvent and revise your business strategy as acceptable.

Significant todo’s include:

Have your “Grand Opening”. Try to leverage the local chamber of commerce to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Revise your Articles of Organization for the LLC, if appropriate (i.e. to change your company name, registered agent address and physical mailing address, if necessary).

Produce policies and procedures, as appropriate for your business. Examples include HR policies, fulfillment procedures, support procedures, disaster-recovery procedures and/or anything relevant for your particular business.

Refine your consumer intake procedures. take away obstacles to “Yes!” If relevant to your business, browse our diary article, the way to Write a good Proposal, and separate the contract from the proposal so you get the Business Team to mention “Yes!” while not having to browse your difficult, legal-jargon-sounding contract. If you don’t have proposals simply walk-in’s, deem Associate in Nursing “intake form” with the legalease on the rear.

Implement your sales and selling efforts. the very best paid people in several in businesses aren’t the house owners, however the key staff. Don’t be afraid to pay rainmakers what they’re price. Don’t skimp out on paying ad-dollars. Google Ad Words work, however rent professionals to assist you are doing it properly — there very is Associate in Nursing art and science to creating effective use of on-line advertising — you would like to pay ad greenbacks on offerings that have the smallest amount competition, with the best margins and open up client/customer relationships to your alternative offerings. It takes work to seek out the correct “sweet spot.

New Business Checklist
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