Web Development Trends

The field of development and design is enhancing at a mind-boggling rate. Development is increasing every day and it’s turning out to be difficult to stay connected to the changing times. This makes it significantly more basic for the designers and specialist to keep themselves abreast of the most recent trends web development to make it engaging that can keep a customer’s attention for more than eight seconds.

People are using it for almost everything they are doing today, from watching the news, socializing, shopping, to banking, among other things. The demand for web development Company is therefore on the rise in order to meet the demand of millions of web users worldwide.


1. Artificial intelligence

Whenever you talk about the future of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is always high on the agenda. But right now, I think it is actually justified. A lot of advances have been made in the field of AI in the last year.
More and more businesses employ AI in their software services, and Molly from The Grid is another great instance. With the help of the AI-powered web designer called Molly users can get an aesthetic website created according to their branding and color requirements.

2. Virtual reality

Gaming industry has already embraced the VR technology. However, big technology brands don’t want to stand aside too. Companies including Google and Mozilla have begun work on APIs to help VR technology transition to the web. As standards develop, we expect more and more applications to be developed using VR technologies.
In the coming year, we’ll see virtual reality in various applications, ranging from news coverage, to virtual real estate tours.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

This trend makes it possible for there to be an exchange of information, in a way that was not possible a few years back. Today, we have smart objects that have been linked to the internet. It is basically a way to make things a lot easier for people. This is a trend that is sweeping through the world of web development. It started a while back, though, since the year 2015, there has been a considerable growth of the internet of things. This is what was predicted by experts in this area.

4. Customer Support Chatbots

Websites started using the chatbot trend providing conversation-first experiences to their visitors. During the conversation, chatbots learn from human language and adapt to it naturally. So it’s no wonder that companies saw an opportunity to use chatbots for customer support scenarios. Large corporations such Sephora, Uber, Bank of America, Domino’s and Pizza Hut have launched their chatbots to offer a smoother customer support experience to its clients.

5. 360-Degree Video

Today, this feature is primarily used for online video marketing. However, it’s estimated that 360-degree videos will attract more attention, drive more interaction, and the views will grow more rapidly. The 360-degree video is poised to provide incredibly interactive experience, making a huge impact on the web design trends.
This new medium makes anyone feel like he or she is actually there. The video clips display a spherical scenario, where a special 360-degree video camera has prerecorded all the possible angles of an environment, providing a seemingly infinite array of future possibilities.

6. Ruby on Rails

This is a set that more and more developers are leaning on since it is so easy to use. With it, it is possible to create single page applications without needing to be dependent on frameworks from Java. Furthermore, the effort that is placed on its consistent development ensures that the person using it can focus on what they do the best which is how the website will look towards the end. Ruby on rails sorts out everything else with ease.

7. Motion UI

This has been a trend that has simply refused to lose steam, as it continues to make waves this year. Movement is big, especially when it comes to getting people to visit websites. That is what this trend has managed to capture with ease. Developers are using Motion UI to create websites that have life, and which also react to every user that logs in to them. This is special effects on your screen.

8. Angular 2 Is Still Young and Promising

Angular 2 has released in 2016. According to the designers, it will be a great success in the development scene. It is being launched again with all the enhancements that needed to be done, you’ll love it has been incorporated the best parts of thoroughly redesigned JavaScript framework. Angular 2 has been mobile optimized from the scratch.


User experience is regarded as king in the recent design trends. Most of the designers are minimizing the quantity thinking users needs to do updating all the components of the website so that they do not need to worry about getting from one page to another.
This can be simply performed by working on navigation design and making it simple. Additionally, developing menus large and simple to look. And, click for customers to acquire from one end of the sale to another without filling up the forms and dividing the information up into convenient blocks is effective too.

Web Development Trends
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