What is a Brand ?

A Brand is an increasingly common term in the lexicon of business and it’s not uncommon for there to be some confusion over its scope and its importance.

Many think of a logo, slogan, tagline or an advertising jingle as a brand, when in fact, all are representations of how the business would like its brand to be perceived.And a brand is all about perception. A brand is actually an embodiment of the associations and relationships that companies encourage consumers to forge with the product, service or organization that is behind the brand.

A brand strategy represents a promise to uphold particular values that could be quality, performance, responsiveness or integrity. It differentiates the company’s product or service from others and can result in customer preference, loyalty and price premiums.

A Brand advertising is about connecting – reaching out to potential customers to offer solutions they need. These solutions may make intellectual sense but they should make emotional sense too. For example, a mom looking for cereal will be attracted to the cereal aisle. But she will choose a particular cereal because it has a picture of a mom feeding a child on the box.

What is a Brand ?
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